Friday, March 5, 2010

iTunes U Activity on the Rise

Since August 2009 the number of NOVA on iTunes U podcast downloads has tripled!!! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out NOVA on iTunes U, a Web-based service that delivers a variety of podcasts and open courses for FREE via the iTunes program.

NOVA’s iTunes U Categories Include:

  • Window Into NOVA -- watch an introduction to NOVA by President Robert G. Templin, go on a virtual tour of the campuses and centers, find out about NOVA’s Distance Learning program and more.
  • Academics -- listen to many audio presentations on subjects like Taking the Math Placement Test, Commencement, PUP Presentations and more, In addition, you can view great Science Seminar videos, entertaining instructional cooking segments presented by a professional chef from NOVA’s Hospitality Management Program who solves common cooking issues and more.
  • NOVA Community -- find the latest student, faculty and college news to keep you informed!
  • Open Courses -- hear a collection of instructive speeches given on an assortment of subjects of interest relevant to the NOVA community including Communication Design, History and Biology.
  • Training & Services -- listen to a series of instructional audio clips on topics such as how-to create your own podcast, Blackboard tips and tricks and more.

NOTE: You must have iTunes downloaded on your computer in order to access NOVA on iTunes U.

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