Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Campuses & Centers Page Enhanced

Check out our new Campuses & Centers section! The old page layout contained basic text, a bunch of links and no images. The new and improved layout includes cool features like rotating pages, graphics, buttons, links and informative descriptions. Simply click on the yellow arrows at the top of the page on the left or right and you can easily maneuver between the NOVA Campuses & Centers pages. The embedded framed photo on the right shows you an aerial view of each campus and center. Click on the View Map Online link under the photo and you'll be taken to the Virtual Tour website for the location you selected.

The main content on the pages reveals the resources and programs specific to each NOVA campus and center. In the box on the right are thumbnail images of each campus and center and Go Now buttons. The thumbnail images work the same as the left and right arrows at the top of the page. The Go Now buttons are different from the thumbnails. When you click on a Go Now button for a campus or center you'll be taken to the home page for that campus or center's Website.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Innovation Park Website

Visit the new website created for NOVA’s latest center called Innovation Park. Innovation Park is located in Manassas and is associated with the Manassas Campus of NOVA. You can find Innovation Park and its sublinks listed under Campuses & Centers.

Similar to our other NOVA Campuses & Centers Web pages,
you'll find upcoming event information specific to MIP, contact information, buttons leading you to Academic Divisions, Center Resources, Contacts & Hours and Maps & Directions. Listed under Innovation Park in the gold navigation bar on the left you'll also see details about Distinctive Offerings and Facilities. MIP is used to accommodate overflow classes from Manassas Campus. In addition, a variety of educational programs, continuing education classes, workforce development, personal interest courses, and student events are held at MIP.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mobile Site Enhancements

We replaced the basic text and plain look of the NOVAMobile Site with new enhanced graphic elements including 10 icons on the home page that allow you to access key Web pages easier and faster. We hope you will find these new features appealing and beneficial.

The 10 icons lead to key sections of the NOVA website and contain important information organized in defined areas in bold, easy to read text. Conduct a Class Search; look up events, activities and holidays on the Calendar; register online through My NOVA; use Maps & Directions to find your way to and around any of the NOVA Campuses and Centers and more.

On the NOVA home page under Connect With NOVA, click on the word Mobile at the bottom to learn about all the great NOVAMobile site features. To access the NOVAMobile site using the browser on your phone enter http://mobile.nvcc.edu/. At the bottom you will see an option to click on and view the Full Website. Don’t forget to bookmark our site!