Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Classified Employees Handbook 2011-2012

The new Classified Handbook 2011-2012 edition is on the NOVA website. You can download it or view the online zmags version.

Human Resources has revised and updated the overall content and look of the Classified Employee Handbook. A detailed Table of Contents guides you quickly to the appropriate section and page(s); the handbook also includes an Index and Appendix D Contact Websites gives you links to a wide range of relevant outside agencies and resources. They also incorporated Web links throughout the handbook for easy access to information.

Human Resources will update the handbook on a yearly basis and if warranted, after the July 1 Commonwealth of Virginia legislative changes go into effect.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Newsworthy Notes About Our Website

The hard work of the WSDM team seems to be paying off...

NOVA Website High on Search List
Northern Virginia Community College is ranked #5 on Google Zeitgeist 2010 for the most searched website in the D.C. region! The rankings are based on the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed into Google in 2010.

NOVA Website Receives a Good Grade
The Virginia State Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) ran a website accessibility compliance scan recently on the NOVA website and gave us a score of 98%. Ours was the highest score of any of the public two and four-year institutions of higher education in the state of Virginia!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Call Center Update

We made an improvement to the Call Center Contact Us page. We added a new boxed area containing graphic icons and details on the five easy way you can reach the Call Center directly -- by Phone, Live Chat, Email, Request Form or Snail Mail.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Vet Tech Website

Visit our new Veterinary Technology aka Vet Tech website. On this site you'll find everything you need to know about preparing for and pursuing a career as a veterinary technician or related position. NOVA offers two great options to meet your specific needs ... an On-Campus Full-Time Program and an Online Part-Time Program.

On the main page you'll find three buttons leading you to direct information on the two programs and a quiz. There is also a photo gallery demonstrating the amazing and compassionate work being done by students currently enrolled in the program. To the right are additional links to News & Events specific to the program, Contact information, Courses, FAQ, Financial Aid/Tuition and more!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Program Website

We recently completed a new website for the Art Program at NOVA's Loudoun Campus. On the home page of the site you can read an overview of the program, view a photo gallery of the facilities, click on a button to the right to make a contribution, or click on another button to take a survey.

Links to sub pages include:
Have fun exploring the visual wonders of NOVA's Loudoun Campus Art Department!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Achieving the Dream Web Updates

Some new details have been added to the Achieving the Dream website including … organized boxes with images and blurbs for each of the six major initiatives, a button for National Achieving the Dream that leads you to an external ATD website, a Current Events button leading to ATD specific events, a page called Initiatives, a Contact Us page leading to key names and email address for the department, and the page formerly titled Workshop was renamed Presentations.

Friday, November 19, 2010

NSO and SOAR Spring '11 Online Registration

Attention first-time college students, the Spring '11 online registration process for NSO and SOAR has been updated! Participate in NOVA's orientation programs offered at five of NOVA's campuses.

New Student Orientation (NSO) gives you and your parents the opportunity to learn about resources that support student success at NOVA. You will learn more about transfer and career resources, financing your education and your academic division. You will have the opportunity to meet with faculty advisers, counselors and financial aid specialists. You can also tour NOVA facilities and receive answers to your specific questions.

Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) sessions are led by Student Services faculty/staff, college teaching faculty and student ambassadors. During a SOAR session you will receive
first semester advising, create your class schedule, learn about payment options and register for courses.

Spring '11 'My Story' Profiles

A new set of student and faculty profiles are up for Spring '11. We hope you will find their personal stories about NOVA enlightening and informative.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facebook: Getting Started Tab

The Spring '11 semester is around the corner! Are you a NOVAaccess Facebook fan yet? Don't get left out. Join your classmates online and click on the Getting Started tab at the top of the page. Next, click on any of the 12 squares to gain direct access to important information on:

How to Apply - College Catalog - MyNOVA - Schedule of Classes - Events Calendar - Student Life - Academic Calendar - Student Services - Programs & Events - Libraries - Campuses & Centers - Checklist

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Center for Excellence in Health Information Systems (HIS)

Health Information Systems is a rapidly growing field. We developed a new website featuring this program for all of those interested in a career in Health Information Systems (HIS), Health Information Management (HIM), and Health Information Technology (HIT).

You'll find ...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Footer Enhancements

As you can see in the image above, the old footer contained a limited amount of links and was condensed into three lines of copy. The new revised version of the footer includes additional links important to students and faculty/staff organized by category in a clean, easier to navigate four-column layout. The four main categories include: NOVA Links, Support, Policies, and About NOVA. Under the Support column we added links to Student and Faculty Email for easy access and convenience. Some of the other useful links we incorporated are: A-Z Index, Mobile Version, Jobs at NOVA and Maps & Directions.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

International Students Site Upgrades

The International Students website under Future Students and Current Students was enhanced with new features. Some of the website improvements include buttons for quick access to the Admissions Process, F-1 Visa Application, Guaranteed Admissions and NOVA ESL. All the content was reorganized and edited to be more concise, making it easier to read and understand things like the Admissions and F-1 Visa Application Processes. It's also easier to locate specific topics of interest like Guaranteed Admissions, F-1 Employment Opportunities, Scholarships, Taxes and Housing. There's even a new Office of International Student Services (OISS) Contacts page with all the details you need to call or email a member of the OISS Team with any questions.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Student Handbook Format

The Student Handbook is online and in a new user-friendly zMag format. Note: To open file it requires Flash.

Check out the cool zMag features:

  • Table of Contents - leads you directly to the first page of each section in the handbook
  • Binoculars - allow you search the handbook by key word(s)
  • Envelope - use to share content by email
  • Arrows - allow you to navigate through the pages quickly
  • Printer - use to print the document
  • PDF - convert the file so you can view it in .pdf format
  • Crop Box - allows you to crop a section of a page then save it as a file or email it

When you’re on a page your cursor turns into a little magnifier icon that you can use to make the text appear larger or smaller and then scroll the page. You can now breeze through the Student Handbook pages with ease and find the information you're seeking.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010-2011 College Catalog

The new online 2010-2011 College Catalog is now available. The Catalog is a great centralized resource for campus specific information, general NOVA details, instructional programs, programs of study, course descriptions, faculty and staff listings, curriculum codes and much more.

Here is a small sampling of what you'll find:
You can conveniently view the online version of the comprehensive 2010-2011 College Catalog at home, work, school -- anywhere you have computer access.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Attention First Year Students

The new First Year Experience (FYE) website is a must-read for all first year students at NOVA. If provides a wealth of information on:
There are three user-friendly buttons on the FYE home page. One button will lead you to a welcome letter from the deans, another will take you to our new convenient online sign up for FYE form and the third will lead you to an activities page that covers convocation, peer mentoring and more.

On the Get Started page you'll find a handy student checklist that you can print out and take with you on the go. The list contains links to key college offices like financial aid, parking services and NOVAConnect. The Discover Resources page is divided into three sections: advising, transfer and explore career services. Each section contains extensive details organized in an easy to read format with buttons to other relevant Web pages.

If you are a new student at NOVA you will not want to miss clicking through and reading the FYE website!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

WDCE - Annandale Has a New Look

Looking to take a class or program for fun or to enhance your professional development? Visit the redesigned Workforce Development and Continuing Education – Annandale Campus website.

The site was updated to consistently match the look of the NOVA College website. The content is presented in a way that’s easier to navigate. On the home page you’ll find …
  • a boxed section at the top for announcements
  • two button features – one that links to the NOVACEAnnandale Twitter page and on that quickly leads you to the most recent edition of the catalog, where you’ll find listings for hundreds of great classroom and online courses
  • boxed sections with lists of links for your convenience to Upcoming Classes and Featured programs and classes.

In the green navigation section on the right you can access categorized information about WDCE, customized training, facilities rental, maps, contacts and much more!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Essential Info for New Students

Visit our New Student Orientation (NSO) and SOAR website!

Within this website, you’ll find lots of valuable new information on everything you need to know before you register for classes -- broken down into easy to find and read sections.

At New Student Orientation, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to meet fellow students, faculty and staff. You’ll learn more about our resources for academic success, career/transfer information and our First Year Experience program. You can now sign up for orientation directly online. Click on the NOVA campus of your choice to view session dates and times, then click on the Sign Up link, fill out the form and press submit.

SOAR sessions are designed for student participants who are first-time college students. You can now view online SOAR sessions by clicking on the NOVA campus location convenient to you. The panel will expand revealing detailed steps along with a button leading you to session dates and times. With this information, you can then go to the Student Services Center closest to you to register in person for a session.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Career Services Web Renovations

Check out our greatly improved Career Services website!

The main page is divided into four block sections tailored to our target audiences – students, employer/community, faculty and staff and alumni. Simply click on the image for the category you wish to access.

On the student page there is a dynamic color-coded looping graphic that leads you through the four easy steps of the Career Development Process. The four steps include Understanding Self, Exploring Careers, Making Decisions and Finding Employment. When you click on one of these steps you are taken to a matching section that reveals informative and valuable content organized in tab format.

There are links to many internal and external resources such as NACElink, a national recruiting network that provides Web based recruiting and career services automation tools serving the needs of colleges, employers and job candidates. There are also links to a variety of helpful assessment tools for students and faculty.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blackboard Update

Blackboard Web pages have been added to the NOVA website for students and faculty.

The new student page reveals how to obtain information and instructions on using Blackboard for online, hybrid or classroom courses.

The new faculty page explains how Blackboard can improve communication, make important information easier to share and support student learning for online and classroom courses. There is also a list of Blackboard resource links:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch faTV

faTV is Financial Aid’s new video channel. You can access the faTV button from the Financial Aid page or you connect to the faTV page directly.

A welcome segment in the center of the page will appear explaining how to find dynamic short videos with answers to your common questions. You can search by topic or playlist. If you have a question that isn’t covered by one of the videos, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Some of the many topics asked about by your fellow students include: scholarships, paying for college, qualifying for financial aid, loans, Pell Grants and much more. If you click on one of the videos listed on the far left it will appear and play in the center of the page with a list of additional questions and answers on the right. There are even videos En EspaƱol and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). Under More Options if you click on Ask a Question a pop-up box will appear that you can fill out and submit or you can select Share (information) With a Friend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get on the Right Path

Visit our new Pathway to the Baccalaureate partnership site. The Pathway Program offers high school students a successful transition, retention, graduation and transfer through Northern Virginia Community College and on to a university of the student’s choice.

The Pathway to the Baccalaureate site was designed using informative copy and inspiring images to entice students to enroll in the program. On the home page you’ll find intro details, news and a video overview. On the Program page you’ll find easy to follow steps that will guide you through the process along with links on the side leading you to other informative details. Click on the My Pathway page to connect with other students through social media sites Facebook and Twitter and access helpful resources such as Blackboard. Select the Information Center and find details about the Partner Schools, Awards & Recognition, Fact Sheet, Data, Contacts and much more.

Gain insight from video testimonials of four students who are part of the Pathway to the Baccalaureate program at NOVA.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WSDM Makes Their Debut

Web Services & Digital Media (WSDM), a new division of NOVA's Marketing and Communications Department, recently launched their website.

WSDM is dedicated to promoting the positive image of NOVA by providing a rich Web environment for their many audiences who need access to NOVA information and services. WSDM is responsible for NOVA’s website, mobile site and social media.

On the WSDM website you'll find the following features:
  • screenshots linking to WSDM's Web work including the college calendar, news and events, students resources and more;
  • an About Us page with details on how you can reach members of the WSDM staff who are ready to assist you with any of your Web needs;
  • a variety of tutorials covering how to create blogs, Web page design, podcasting and more;
  • approved procedures and guidelines for the college identity, social media and digital signage;
  • a vast array of resources including buttons to fun NOVA postcards you can customize and send to your friends and/or colleagues, six different PowerPoint templates and a gallery of NOVA images for use. There are also Web publishing tools, social networking tools and workshop and conference presentation materials;
  • a button to a Request Services form for any projects you have for the WSDM team; and
  • a Contact Us page with WSDM's hours of operation, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
As always, we want to hear from you! Send us your feedback and suggestions through the comments link below. We will personally reply to all entries submitted.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Financial Aid Site Updated

Our Financial Aid site has been reorganized to be more user-friendly! We've added extra functionality to make it easier for you to navigate the site, new tabs, a Latest News box and video clip. There are two new buttons -- one leads you to the online application and the other goes to a resource page where you can get an estimate on how much aid you will receive. The FAQ page has been cleaned up and the staff contacts page has been updated. The scholarship page is now streamlined; it includes content organized by tabs and useful links to all the available scholarships on one page.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Events Calendar

Check out the new Events Calendar we recently rolled out! You'll find all sorts of great organized college-wide events by day, week, month or year. The calendar is updated on a daily basis.

Subscribe to the calendar and you'll receive reminders to events and changes/updates to event details. Add the calendar to your social network pages like Facebook and Twitter. Need directions to a posted event? No problem, the calendar is integrated with Google Maps so you can conveniently look up directions to a NOVA campus event. You can also do a search by event category, campus location, date and/or keyword(s) and print out calendar pages.

Friday, March 5, 2010

iTunes U Activity on the Rise

Since August 2009 the number of NOVA on iTunes U podcast downloads has tripled!!! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out NOVA on iTunes U, a Web-based service that delivers a variety of podcasts and open courses for FREE via the iTunes program.

NOVA’s iTunes U Categories Include:

  • Window Into NOVA -- watch an introduction to NOVA by President Robert G. Templin, go on a virtual tour of the campuses and centers, find out about NOVA’s Distance Learning program and more.
  • Academics -- listen to many audio presentations on subjects like Taking the Math Placement Test, Commencement, PUP Presentations and more, In addition, you can view great Science Seminar videos, entertaining instructional cooking segments presented by a professional chef from NOVA’s Hospitality Management Program who solves common cooking issues and more.
  • NOVA Community -- find the latest student, faculty and college news to keep you informed!
  • Open Courses -- hear a collection of instructive speeches given on an assortment of subjects of interest relevant to the NOVA community including Communication Design, History and Biology.
  • Training & Services -- listen to a series of instructional audio clips on topics such as how-to create your own podcast, Blackboard tips and tricks and more.

NOTE: You must have iTunes downloaded on your computer in order to access NOVA on iTunes U.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New NOVA ESL Website

Visit the new English as a Second Language (ESL) website! Here you'll find lots of information on the two programs NOVA offers to help students with a variety of English goals improve their skills -- College ESL and the American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI).

Under the College ESL section you'll locate information about ...
  • how to reach campus contacts
  • placement testing procedures and sample test questions
  • the various levels along with details on the ACCUPLACER placement test
  • background information on ESL faculty and students
  • some of the most frequently asked questions
In the American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI) section you'll find details on ...
  • how to reach campus contacts
  • customized training options for working professionals
  • specialty course offerings
  • explanations on the levels of the program including hours, prices and locations
  • some of the most frequently asked questions

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Link Descriptions

For your convenience, we've now added brief descriptions for all the links listed on the main page of Current Students and Faculty & Staff.

We've also included them on all the Campus Resources pages for each NOVA campus and center.

Simply place your courser on top of any link listed on these pages, and a mini box will appear revealing what kind of information you will find when you click on that specific link.