Thursday, June 10, 2010

Career Services Web Renovations

Check out our greatly improved Career Services website!

The main page is divided into four block sections tailored to our target audiences – students, employer/community, faculty and staff and alumni. Simply click on the image for the category you wish to access.

On the student page there is a dynamic color-coded looping graphic that leads you through the four easy steps of the Career Development Process. The four steps include Understanding Self, Exploring Careers, Making Decisions and Finding Employment. When you click on one of these steps you are taken to a matching section that reveals informative and valuable content organized in tab format.

There are links to many internal and external resources such as NACElink, a national recruiting network that provides Web based recruiting and career services automation tools serving the needs of colleges, employers and job candidates. There are also links to a variety of helpful assessment tools for students and faculty.

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