Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Student Handbook Format

The Student Handbook is online and in a new user-friendly zMag format. Note: To open file it requires Flash.

Check out the cool zMag features:

  • Table of Contents - leads you directly to the first page of each section in the handbook
  • Binoculars - allow you search the handbook by key word(s)
  • Envelope - use to share content by email
  • Arrows - allow you to navigate through the pages quickly
  • Printer - use to print the document
  • PDF - convert the file so you can view it in .pdf format
  • Crop Box - allows you to crop a section of a page then save it as a file or email it

When you’re on a page your cursor turns into a little magnifier icon that you can use to make the text appear larger or smaller and then scroll the page. You can now breeze through the Student Handbook pages with ease and find the information you're seeking.

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