Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Campuses & Centers Page Enhanced

Check out our new Campuses & Centers section! The old page layout contained basic text, a bunch of links and no images. The new and improved layout includes cool features like rotating pages, graphics, buttons, links and informative descriptions. Simply click on the yellow arrows at the top of the page on the left or right and you can easily maneuver between the NOVA Campuses & Centers pages. The embedded framed photo on the right shows you an aerial view of each campus and center. Click on the View Map Online link under the photo and you'll be taken to the Virtual Tour website for the location you selected.

The main content on the pages reveals the resources and programs specific to each NOVA campus and center. In the box on the right are thumbnail images of each campus and center and Go Now buttons. The thumbnail images work the same as the left and right arrows at the top of the page. The Go Now buttons are different from the thumbnails. When you click on a Go Now button for a campus or center you'll be taken to the home page for that campus or center's Website.

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